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Sleek Launches at The London Boat Show!

Posted by Emma Tapper on

Sleek Boat Care launches new range of environmentally friendly boat cleaning chemicals at the London Boat Show 

 Young business partners from Leeds want to change the way sailors think about their impact on the environment. They have formulated a range of chemicals that are non-toxic to aquatic life and 100% biodegradable.

 Now, more than ever before, it is becoming important to protect the waters in which we sail. Whilst all boat owners take huge pride in their boats, many of the chemicals sailors currently use have harmful effects on the Ocean. Sleek Boat Care believes that with their products, sailors can take care of their boats whilst also taking care of the sea.

 The couple were shocked when they found out some of the horrific statistics about aquatic life. For, example, how, by 2050, most fish stocks will have decayed. ‘these stats just made it so real for me – so tangible – that I became worried that many sailors aren’t being informed about the problems’ - Scott Rudd.

After graduating from University, the pair has spent the past two years developing their products to ensure no functionality is compromised when ‘safer’ chemicals are used. They are pleased to announce they have formulated four different environmentally friendly products to ensure sailors can maintain all parts of their boat in an environmentally safe manner; teak cleaner, all over boat wash, upholstery cleaner and boat wax.

 Sleek Boat Care will be showcasing their brand-new range at the London Boat Show in January and are eager to pave the way for sailors by encouraging the marine industry to consider their environmental impact. ‘Our generation is the one that is going to inherit all of these problems, and it is up to us to not only understand this situation but also to think about how can we implement solutions to tackle the issues’ – Emma Tapper.


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